I have been eating terribly lately. I was sick this week which made me really unmotivated to eat healthy. All I wanted was comfort food and I had a lot of it. The important thing is to make sure my bad week doesn’t turn into a bad month.

This week I am recommitting to my fitness goals. To do this I am going to make freezer smoothie packs using the recipes below

Here is another similar recipe with chia seeds instead

It’s time for me to detox my body from all the sugar and preservatives I have been eating. It’s not going to be easy, but it is necessary.

I will be eating a little more protein than usual to help with some food cravings for sugar.

Eating Out

This week was one of those week where I found myself eating out more than I would have liked to. People talk about the 80-20 rule. Which essentially means it’s not bad unless it’s something you are doing more than 20% of the time. This week was about a 60-40 for me.

Tips for eating out:

  1. Anything that is not fried.
  2. Anything with cream sauce is likely going to have butter and some sort of cream cheese.
  3. Salads with creamy dressings can be very high in calorie
  4. Get water. Usually food made in restaurants have a higher salt content.
  5. Sometimes there is no avoiding eating out or eating at someone else’s house. My best advice would be to go for nutrients instead of the least calories. Try to stay away from empty calories such as sweets or white bread.
  6. Restaurants usually give you twice as much as you need to eat. Saving half of it off immediately could keep you from eating the whole thing unintentionally.

If you splurge on the weekend you could be undoing all the work you put in during the week. Try to keep healthy snacks on hand before you go out. This will help you be less hungry when you eat out and more likely to make good food choices.

One thing that saved me this week was this crockpot meal. It was very easy to make and I was able to eat it twice and put some in the freezer for a busy day.

On a side note: I only went to the gym three time this week and was sick for the rest of the week. However I did move up into a higher weight for one of my sets. So no matter what I am definitely getting stronger! Have a great week.


This week I have been thinking a lot about what it means to live a balanced life. Taking care of yourself is something that will always be important, but are there other things that have been taking priority? Work, Friends, Family? There are a lot of things that demand our attention daily.

This week I decided there were more important things than going to the gym. I still ate fairly well, but I decided to use my time for different things such as volunteering and networking. After all, there is more to life than looking good.

” Create a life that feels good on the inside, not one that just looks good on the outside”

Meal Prep:

I did some meal prep this afternoon so I could have some veggies ready for when I am in between activities (because I won’t eat them unless they are prepped). I cut up pineapple for smoothies, made green beens, acorn squash, and some caesar chicken.

Working Out:

I went to the gym three time this week but I will probably shoot for 5 this week since my schedule is less hectic.


“fit is not a destination it’s a way of life”

Every week is a new week to try and be better person. It is important to take time for yourself, but there are also a lot of things that demand our attention.

I will be making hard boiled eggs this week to take to work because they are a great source of quick protein. I have attached some links for some great tuna fish recipes that I use when I am busy and don’t have time to meal prep. Enjoy!


Busy Body

Hello Everyone,

I am 24 years old and I am not good at sitting still. I have a desk job, so as soon as 5 o’clock hits I don’t stop moving until I go to bed.  Like many people, I am experiencing a plateau in my weight loss goals.I recently read some articles about why I may not be losing weight. Here are a couple of reasons that jumped out at me.

#1 you rationalize your way out of eating healthy.

Example: I had this really stressful report today so I deserve to treat myself.

#2 You are someone who is constantly on the go and eat more processed foods because of it. This adds things such as preservatives, sugars and salts to your diet.

#3 Stress: An Increase in cortisol levels makes can make you crave sweet things. (Stress Eating)

#4 Using the Scale instead of measurements or body percentages. Maybe your weight has stayed the same, so what? If you have been working out more than you used to, chances are you are losing fat and gaining muscle.

This blog will be all about trying to get myself out of this weight loss plateau. More meal prep tricks and workout tips coming soon! Welcome to my blog 🙂